Advanced Workflow Enhancements

Leverage the power of our Advanced Workflow Enhancements to expand NetSuite's native capabilities. Dive deep into functionalities currently not supported by NetSuite. Elevate your workflow like never before!

Use a Pop-Up Within Workflows to Collect User Input

  • Add a pop-up window into ANY 
    workflow that requires the user to
    input a response.
  • The workflow will not transition to the
    next state until a response is entered.
  • Store the entered value into ANY field
    on the current record.
  • Use the stored response in other
    actions, transitions or conditions 
    throughout your entire workflow.

Allow Field Manipulation in ANY Sublist

  • Manipulate ANY sublist, such as,
    Expenses, Lines, Items, etc
  • Conditionally, set sublist fields as
    mandatory using any condition.
    Even native NetSuite fields.
  • Set field values for ANY sublist.
    Even set values for native NetSuite
  • Apply conditions to actions so
    only certain lines get updated
    with new values

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