Who are Dan and Pat?

Dan and Pat are two customers that DataOngoing had the pleasure of working with. They work with Bongo, which is a software company that gives individuals and companies the ability to work together seamlessly.
They presented their company to DataOngoing and showed that they had the latest and greatest technology. Bongo provides a simple yet very effective way to combine video assignments, virtual classrooms, and the ability to give feedback all through one piece of software.
To keep their high-quality reputation intact, they knew they needed to change how inefficiently they used their time, or it would begin to impact them negatively.

The Before:

Bongo is a small business with thirty-five hardworking employees. They work with large companies to integrate their Esoftware into each company’s systems.
Dan explained to me that working with larger companies is an incredible opportunity, however it was very hard.
Before working with DataOngoing, they manually input their commissions and sales. “We did this for a year and a half, and it took about 3-4 hours each month.
They realized that taking three to four hours a month for this one data entry task was an inefficient use of their time. Bongo needed a solution to this problem.

The Solution:

Bongo turned to DataOngoing for help and turned those three to four hours into 20 minutes. Dan explained that not only was the time cut significantly down, “it [the data] was much more accurate”. Additionally, with the monthly recurring model DataOngoing created, they would never have to worry about doing this manually again. .
Every month moving forward, they could use the extra hours that they didn’t have before and work on perfecting their company systems.
Our solution gave them their time back to focus on the more significant tasks impacting Bongo’s bottom line.

Why Bongo chose DataOngoing:

DataOngoing stood out from the rest as the industry expert with NetSuite integrations, and they saw a lasting impact on their company.
Pat spoke very highly about Kyle and the staff that work at DataOngoing. Kyles’s ability to give a quick response and solution is something that stuck out to them.
We have a personal relationship with Kyle. He has always been very helpful.
The number one thing that separated DataOngoing from others was their ability to, “be so flexible, and allow us to work together on an ongoing basis.”

At DataOngoing, we pride ourselves on solving your day-to-day problems and helping companies streamline operations, improve profitability, and reduce costs.