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Next-Level ERP for Chemical Manufacturing

In today’s rapidly evolving market dynamics, chemical manufacturers face numerous challenges such as eroding customer loyalty, new low-cost competitors, and technological advancements for which they are not prepared. In our hyperconnected world, the most current and modern technologies cannot be an after thought anymore. At DataOngoing, we understand these industry needs and offer a tailored ERP system for chemical manufacturing that address these challenges head-on.

So, how do chemical manufacturers get prepared? There needs to be a mindset shift towards outcome-based business models with automated, customized, and integrated end-to-end processes. Your business needs agility to pivot quickly with each growth spurt to be sustainable and scalable without loss. 

With a new year comes new opportunities to learn from past mistakes and make it better than the last. NetSuite can help your business hit those missed goals by offering an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution specifically designed for chemical manufacturing. You can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s get into it!

Existing Challenges Chemical Manufacturers Face

  1. Compliance: Compliance with their complex regulations and standards is a significant challenge for chemical manufacturers. The industry is subject to various regulatory requirements related to safety, environmental impact, labeling, and across border sales.
  2. Inventory Visibility: Lack of inventory visibility can be a significant challenge for chemical manufacturers. Dealing with a large number of raw materials and products makes it crucial to have real-time visibility into inventory levels, locations, and movements across all locations and selling channels. 

  3. Formula Management: Chemical manufacturing involves complex formulas and recipes. Managing these formulas accurately and efficiently can be challenging, especially when dealing with multiple variations or customizations.

  4. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent product quality is essential in the chemical industry. Implementing effective quality control measures throughout the production process can be challenging due to the complexity of chemical reactions and potential variations.

  5. Environmental Impact: The chemical industry is under increasing pressure to address its environmental impact, particularly in terms of carbon emissions and sustainability practices.

  6. Supply Chain Challenges: Chemical manufacturers face supply chain challenges such as shifts in feedstock costs, changing customer preferences, logistics complexities (especially trans-ocean shipping), and disruptions caused by events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

  7. Skills Gaps: The industry faces skills gaps in areas such as technical expertise, digital transformation, data analysis, and sustainability management.

These challenges require strategic planning, innovative solutions, and continuous improvement efforts from chemical manufacturers to stay competitive in the market.

How the NetSuite ERP Address the Challenges

  1. Regulatory Compliance: NetSuite offers a range of features and capabilities that support regulatory adherence, governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) that includes: automation, tracking and monitoring, data security, audit trails with documentation, and robust reporting and analytics.
  2. Streamlined Inventory Management: Managing inventory is crucial in the chemical manufacturing industry. With NetSuite’s ERP solution, you can effectively record, track, and value your inventory at every stage in real-time. This helps optimize stock levels, reduce waste, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.
  3. Quality Control: NetSuite has the ability to define what should be inspected. Chemical manufacturers can specify which items should be inspected and what aspects of those items should be reviewed. Also, you can establish pass/fail criteria, set inspection parameters, design workflows, handle defects, and traceability.
  4. Formula Management: NetSuite provides a specialized solution known as Blend ERP, developed by Starling Solutions, which is tailored for process manufacturers in the chemical industry. This software offers assistance with formula management, accurately tracking product formulations, ensuring regulatory compliance, calculating total product costs, and managing hazardous materials (HAZMAT) documentation requirements.
  5. Sustainability Management Solutions: NetSuite tracks and analyzes carbon emissions, strategies to minimize waste and optimize energy, plus comprehensive reporting. 
  6. Improved Financial Management: NetSuite’s ERP provides robust financial management capabilities tailored to the needs of chemical manufacturers. You can easily track costs associated with raw materials, production processes, and distribution.
  7. Supply Chain Solutions: Real-time insights for inventory (think Google maps for your inventory), optimize procurement, production planning, and logistics to navigate changing demands, manage feedstock costs, and handle complex shipping, demand forecasting, supplier relationship management, risk management, and all integrated. 
  8. Enhanced Collaboration: NetSuite’s cloud-based platform allows for seamless collaboration among different departments within your organization as well as with external partners or suppliers. This promotes efficient communication and coordination throughout the entire supply chain.

Outsourcing NetSuite Solution Services

With NetSuite’s power comes the need for experts. 

  1. Implementation Support: Implementing an ERP system can be complex and time-consuming. By outsourcing implementation services to NetSuite experts, you can ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions to your business.

  2. Technical Expertise: NetSuite’s team of professionals has extensive experience in the chemical manufacturing industry. They understand the technical nuances of the ERP architecture and can provide tailored customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  3. Continuous Support: NetSuite offers ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your ERP system runs smoothly. Their dedicated support team is available to address any issues or questions you may have, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Make the switch to NetSuite’s next-level ERP for chemical manufacturing and experience the benefits of streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced collaboration. Contact us today to learn more about how NetSuite can transform your business!

Next Steps

Strategizing with an expert solution provider like DataOngoing positions you to take the lead.  Our team of certified experts specializes in providing you with unparalleled expertise to optimize, strategize, and elevate your businesses. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering customized technology solutions that break barriers to the complex challenges that can arise for the SaaS industry.  

We understand that every business is unique and has its own challenges. That’s why we take the time to get to know each organization, its structure, operations, and goals. With this knowledge, we work closely with you to design and implement tailored solutions that meet the needs to maximize your ROI. 

At DataOngoing, we are committed to delivering the best possible customer experience, which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to help you succeed, and we won’t stop until we’ve achieved that.

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