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Have you ever made business workflows for your systems processes? It can be critical to the success of the actual process, as well as getting new team members up to speed on its use. This means it is vital that we create a diagram of the workflow upfront so that everyone is on the same page about what should happen and when.

NetSuite may have a workflow diagramming tool, but this is different from making a diagram from a blank page so it can be studied and reviewed for further enhancements. This process is not specific to any software; we can even do it on a blank piece of paper.

However, as data experts, we recommend you use a computer instead of paper to make this process easier and more transparent for your team.

What Does It Take to Diagram Your Business Workflows?

Ideally, we have a business problem to solve, wherein we can create efficiencies. Still, it is also beneficial to map out your business processes to see where those inefficiencies are and make improvements to them.

An example is that a recent customer needed to solve an auto reconciliation process of paid invoices through a connector tool, Celigo, and the sales order starting in Shopify. They could invest their time elsewhere, making gains in their business while this was flowing to and from NetSuite.

Firstly, we had to examine the cycle from start to finish so that any custom script we built would send and receive the information correctly.

In Shopify, the end customer placed an order with a credit card. From there, that order data went to both a 3PL and NetSuite through the Celigo tool. Then in NetSuite, it waited for fulfillment until the 3PL sent a response back to Celigo saying it had fulfilled the order.

The workflow then diagrammed the response from the 3PL, transmitting the lot details to NetSuite so that our script internally could automatically create the item fulfillment, auto-creating a FedEx or UPS shipping number based on parsing we did of rates at that time.

This shipping information was again sent through Celigo back to Shopify for the end customer to track their product.

Our customer had decided to expand the scope of this project and have us auto-create an invoice and customer payment record in NetSuite so that we could reconcile the revenue process, so they no longer had to do this manually.

How Do You Build Your Business Workflows?

All the details of the business systems are taken into account and placed into a diagramming process using swim lanes to designate system functions that should run automatically when specific data points are received.

The diagram sample is in the image below, with customer factoids removed so the reader can see the extra value we add to you and your business.

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Dataongoing Business Workflows

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