Save THOUSANDS in NetSuite Licensing Fees with One Tool!


Our NetSuite Google Sheets integration is a powerful NetSuite data exporter tool your business needs. Fresh insights from NetSuite to Google Sheets are automatically updated with a refresh rate configured by you!

Save THOUSANDS of dollars each year in NetSuite licensing fees and reach both internal and external viewers with ease. Decision making just got a whole lot more powerful!

Turn NetSuite into action automatically!

Who is this tool for?

“Sharing reports and dashboards in Sheets is so much easier now that everyone has direct access to the latest NetSuite data!” -John C.

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What's Included

  • Unlimited saved searches and data extractions
  • Fully customizable schedule of data syncing
  • FREE implementation
  • Detailed configuration Guide
  • Enable pre-built, industry standard datasets
  • Enable pre-built sales and financial dashboards

Have some questions for us?

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