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One of NetSuite’s most well-known abilities is to make the overall customer experience remarkable. As a customer, one of the main reasons you probably use NetSuite is its extensive capabilities. These capabilities include a program with an end-to-end process that centralizes information and allows you to control your business. The best way to guarantee all of these solutions work in conjunction is by having NetSuite perform at its maximum capability. But how do you max out NetSuite’s system performance to achieve this?

In summary, it’s achieved by utilizing all functions and information outputs available to you by the system. But let’s dive deeper.

How DataOngoing Maxes Out NetSuite’s Performance

One of NetSuite’s most requested and used capabilities is creating customized and personalized options for each company or individual. The customizations we provide allow us to maximize NetSuite’s system performance and give your business the highest investment return. 

DataOngoing focuses on three main points to how we can help you achieve this. 

  1. We build to your unique specifications.
  2. We test all our products before they go live.
  3. We listen to feedback to find improvements to continue to add value. 

Furthermore, we integrate specific tools and ways to solve problems into our client’s various conditions. DataOngoing enables customers to create their perfect environment by maintaining all their requests. To ensure we perform all requests to the highest standards, we stay current with NetSuite’s latest releases and advancements. We also integrate innovative software that might be more beneficial to you. We complete projects quickly, efficiently, and always with high standards.

Adding In NetSuite Applications to Help

Yes, NetSuite is good on its own. But, adding custom applications to have the highest quality and the fastest version is always what people ultimately want and need. A DataOngoing tool, like a task manager, can save script time and resources in NetSuite. All the required work that needs to get done gets done expeditiously. We have plenty of resources to ensure you can have this input or learn more if you wish!

Developing NetSuite Max Performance Applications

Developing a high-performance application that benefits your business and speeds the process up is the best of both worlds. A developer can only produce an application as such by thoroughly understanding the business process and expected outcome. Once understood, you must design a solution that fits NetSuite’s optimizations and limitations.

We have resources previously developed that can quickly add value to the application you are trying to build. Like a queue manager for processing many jobs or a pre-built ruleset to more quickly provide approval oversight to transactions that cause a financial impact.

System Performance Application in a Workflow

The workflow below shows how multiple business units in an industry benefit from a value-add application. The workflow shows a credit card upcharge we built and enabled for a customer as a custom application.

This a flow chart of an example of how DataOngoing helps to max out NetSuite's performance for a credit card company.

You can see that we have separated this Credit Card workflow into four parts to demonstrate how each business unit benefits and how it works together to simplify this process:

First, sales can meet customer needs by providing a payment method that is otherwise not always supported in business-to-business scenarios, in this case, credit cards, meaning happier customers.

Further, the accounting team can rest assured that the sale amount of a credit card charge is not understated if there are post-approval additions.

Lastly, the speed and accuracy of operations improve when the scripts in the application work as expected, requiring fewer manual inputs to operate.

We created this workflow to show the customer multiple ways to process a credit card payment. We could have offered a different route to effectively processing credit cards, whether by a customer deposit or by an invoice and later being applied. Still, this method considered the customers desired business process and optimizations we could make with NetSuite—translating into a much happier customer when implemented. 

Looking at this graphic, you can determine the next process at your fingertips. A simple yes or no answer will allow you to see how the process will go and what could happen next.

Diagramming Your Business Workflow as a Value Add

At DataOngoing, we strive to bring you ease and comfort in knowing your next moves. Feel free to contact us at DataOngoing for any questions or concerns!