How to bulk update netsuite records containing invalid email addresses. Blog post from DataOngoing

You have come to the right place if you want to bulk update NetSuite records due to email addresses that bounce!

Almost every company has a constant flow of inbound and outbound emails between the business and customers. Email marketing campaigns are regularly occurring in the marketplace to create brand awareness and build relationships. So, with this continuous flow of emails, it is unavoidable that some will no longer be valid and will bounce. Making sure your database is up-to-date and clean takes some work but is an absolute necessity.

The admin of the database needs to regularly mark all bounced email addresses as inactive to not interfere with daily use. But how will they do this is the question?

Updating NetSuite to Mark the Records as Inactive from a Bounced Email

NetSuite is particularly good at eliminating manual processes, but some necessary steps are needed to mark bounced email addresses as inactive.

Generally speaking, the NetSuite administrator would run an ‘undelivered emails’ saved search. This is to extract the bounced email addresses from a campaign. The admin would then use a CSV import to update the extracted records accordingly. However, upon starting the records update, the admin will quickly realize they cannot key on the email address alone; they also need the internal ID. Since NetSuite does not provide this ID via a saved search join reference, the admin must implement a scripted customized solution.

Use NetSuite SQL to Get the Bounced Email Internal ID

Using SQL, you can join the undelivered email table to the entity table to get the internal ID. Once you complete the join, or have us help, you can now update the record with the new CSV files. Please be sure to separate the data by the correct NetSuite record types to update contacts, customers, or other tables accordingly.

DataOngoing Wants to Help You

Email messaging is vital for business communication, allowing companies to communicate with customers, clients, and partners.

Because of the need, it is critical to have clean NetSuite records in the database. At DataOngoing, we provide the best-in-class resources to clean your database to allow the most success where needed.

We take out the manual process of updating records with bounced email addresses. Let us help you focus on the primary parts of your business while we handle the secondary.

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