Blog post on Innovating NetSuite with NetSuite Custom Applications with DataOngoing as your Technology Partner

Benefits of NetSuite and Overcoming Gaps

Custom NetSuite Applications allow businesses to innovate and tailor their NetSuite experience to fit their unique needs and goals. NetSuite is a top-tier ERP option for businesses to manage and streamline operations, including financial management, inventory management, e-commerce, and CRM. The software offers a wide range of features and integrations that can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability. But, even as robust as NetSuite is, businesses sometimes hit a roadblock and need customizations apart from NetSuite’s native capabilities.

With DataOngoing as your partner, we put our best minds to work, overcome your challenges, and find customized solutions unique to your business. Let us explain more.

To ensure the best NetSuite experience, two main actions need to occur:

First, we ask detailed questions to learn about the financial impact, user interface needs, automation gaps, analytics, and third-party integration. In doing so, we deeply understand your business and your needs around extending NetSuite’s usability.

Second, we exploit NetSuite and its functions specific to your end goal, which might include a custom HTML site that is an overlay to the NetSuite functions. We solve your challenge and make it an application that represents your business needs.

Making Custom NetSuite Applications

As a technology partner of your business, DataOngoing understands the need to centralize information so real-time decisions can be understood and action taken. Often, we find companies operate out of spreadsheets for various reasons. One way DataOngoing adds tremendous value to your business is by getting people out of those spreadsheets and into NetSuite.

This might mean we recreate the spreadsheet’s useful functions in NetSuite. This will vastly improve the collaboration and access to information over operating out of spreadsheets on people’s desktops.

As we engage in new projects, one critical question we ask is, what happens if the person goes on vacation with a business-critical spreadsheet? It has happened before, and sometimes it can cause a standstill.

Creating a custom NetSuite application allows specific aspects of your company to succeed. Some of the applications made will still be effective years later.

One of the most common uses of NetSuite applications is reducing the use of manual applications like spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are often reserved for single uses, like scheduling employees and helping them transform data.

However, spreadsheets can be very slow, especially when many formulas exist. They can also be error-prone because team members use different versions of spreadsheets. NetSuite’s built-in platform tools can create applications based on those spreadsheets. This will help eliminate manual processes, single-use functions, and errors, all while providing enhanced collaboration to the data.

Applying Custom NetSuite Applications: Extending NetSuite with HTML Overlays

NetSuite gives you the ability to present information in any way that you want. When you can understand the ins and outs of NetSuite, you can build straightforward custom NetSuite applications—especially enhancing applications that automatically update with version control by creating HTML features like calendar-based drop-downs when building scheduling applications.

We can also present information through color, graphics, and other design options. DataOngoing can provide custom applications that can be big shortcuts for your day-to-day work, such as making manual processes automatic.

Innovating with DataOngoing NetSuite Professionals

At DataOngoing, we provide great value by creating custom NetSuite applications to enhance automation and collaboration in your business. Sometimes, a full application is not needed today, but we can add value by proof of concept (POC). Our problem-solving schema is the same. We will be creative, putting business understanding first and providing education on the ins and outs of NetSuite to achieve the results that work for you.

We add value because we first seek to understand by asking rigorous questions, so what you want to be built is what will help your business. At DataOngoing, we strive to integrate NetSuite to meet your business needs and exceed your expectations.


If you want to know more about our NetSuite services and/or want a custom price for your business, contact us today! When you submit your info, we use your information to promptly contact you to schedule a time to hear about your challenges and start solving them.

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