Is a consultant group worthwhile for your busienss? #dataongoing

Consultant Group vs. DIY: Unveiling the Value for Your Business

Can a consultant group help me and my business improve based on our goals? What is the actual value of well-invested consultants? 

Imagine a business teetering on the edge of success, yearning for improvements that can bring about transformative growth. They stand cautious and skeptical of seeking outside help due to past experiences where consultants failed to grasp the intricacies of their unique challenges. 

Does any of this sound familiar? If you have these questions and concerns, the story you’re about to read should excite you! A great consultant can provide tremendous value without exposing your business to significant gaps. 

Read on to learn how we, DataOngoing, digitally transformed one of our clients using NetSuite and implementing quality business workflows to:

  1. Manage Risk
  2. Automate Shipping
  3. Increase Efficiency in Pick and Pack Processes
  4. Improve Communication with Customers
  5. Reduce Time Waste
  6. Maximize Revenue
  7. Simplify Revenue Recognition
  8. Create a Handsoff Revenue Stream

DataOngoing’s consultant group expertise spans various industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, metallurgical, automotive, software-as-a-service, and many others. This diverse experience enables us to provide tailored solutions specific to each industry while offering solutions that can be adapted and used across different industries. 

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience and are well-versed in addressing many business challenges.

A Story of Our Consultant Group Success:

Simplifying and Securing Business Processes

The Story Goes Like This…

Most recently, one of our clients tasked us with automatically charging credit cards for their new customers and new orders. These amounts were non-trivial, exceeding $1,000 or more in USD. Because of these large amounts and unknown customers without an established relationship, they are more likely to ship goods out with more than one risk or complication: 

First, they are new customers with no experience or established communication patterns, so what are the chances that the order is fraudulent?

Next, imagine an order remains unpaid, and the business operators cannot collect the full payment due to the system’s lack of a feedback loop. This creates a cycle of wasted time trying to reconcile and ship the goods. Worse, they ship the goods with no payments.

That is why they engaged our assistance to improve the situation. We are pleased to announce we successfully addressed these challenges through understanding, strategizing, and implementing effective systems.

How Did DataOngoing Approach This Business Challenge?

First, we must understand the challenge. In this case, there was no system in place to prevent the shipment of goods unless the order received full payment. 

Next, we took time to understand where the gaps existed in the system. The issue was that the fulfillments were processed before the orders were paid for since the existing process flow required the fulfillment step before generating an invoice. 

To address this issue, we made a structural change in the NetSuite system around creating the sales order. Now, we ensure that the fulfillment and shipping processes don’t proceed until the customer’s credit card is charged and the total amount owed for the sales order is fully covered. 

This modification helps avoid fulfillment or shipping activities before the payment is confirmed.

This allows users to initiate the pick-and-pack process but actively restricts shipping until the system receives full payment. 

In effect, the solution may seem remarkably straightforward. Yet, its simplicity only comes after meetings and extensive discussions on the nature of the problem and potentially how we can solve it.

When we implemented this process, we allowed the user to create the sales order and the fulfillment. By prioritizing the storage of the credit card information within the sales order first, as soon as we try to fulfill the product, we automatically generate a customer deposit attached to the corresponding sales order and then immediately charge the credit card.

The Added benefits

One notable benefit of this process is that we provide multiple notifications to the user regarding the success or failure of the credit card charge. This ensures that they know the status and allows them to take necessary actions to finalize the order for shipping. 

Moreover, we automated their communication process throughout the entire order cycle. We ensure that the end customer is consistently informed about the status of their product. At the sales order level, we issue an order acknowledgment. After shipping, at the fulfillment level, we provide tracking information. Finally, at the invoicing level, we send a thank you message along with the invoice.

Since all this was credit card-based and automatic, we don’t require the user to create several records by hand, saving a lot of human investment. We automatically generate the deposit and initiate the charge via a simple process. Subsequently, the system creates the invoice automatically (after we ship the goods) and immediately applies the credit card deposit to the invoice.

What does all this mean?

This means that from end-to-end, DataOngoing has helped a customer manage their ordering process, communications, revenue recognition, and risk management. Additionally, we assisted in their long-term scalability. 

This solution has proven to work well by the customer’s standards. As a result, they can now comfortably handle a larger volume of credit card orders. The solution eliminates concerns about risk management since it ensures that orders can only be shipped after they are fully funded by a credit card charge. This effective system mitigates any potential issues related to insufficient funds or payment problems.

Ensuring Long-term Scalability and Growth

Why is this important for later growth? 

By enabling one-off customers to place orders freely, we aim to ideally transition them into long-term customers utilizing Net terms. DataOngoing assists with this process, ensuring a seamless invoicing experience for these customers. This alignment of fulfillment with revenue ensures that both the order processing and the invoicing occur within the same time period. As a result, there is increased accuracy in month-end and daily processes.

A solution like this also means we can build an e-commerce store connected directly to NetSuite. It sends out information about stock availability and special pricing for the net term customers. An e-commerce site can be a tremendous asset when we manage the risk of running a standalone automated website. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your vendors offered integrated stock management and customer pricing so you could make informed decisions for your business? DataOngoing can assuredly help as we are tech agnostic, with a focus on NetSuite.

Another touch point that will enhance our clients’ experience with NetSuite is an integration to a premier less-than-load (LTL) quoting software. This integration allows the client to obtain real-time quotes and choose between two options: shipping for maximum efficiency to meet customer satisfaction or selecting the lowest cost to achieve a revenue goal. Either choice is a win-win situation for DataOngoing’s customers.

Embrace Transformation Today with DataOngoing

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