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NetSuite ERP Implementation Rescue

It’s time to get your failed ERP implementation back on track with our ERP implementation rescue service! A bad or failed ERP implementation can stall or even shut down your business. In the ever changing and challenging competitive landscape we have today, there is no time for mess ups.

We have proven rescue strategies that will take your business exactly where you want it to go. Our rescue team brings the necessary expertise to turn it all around. 

Your success is our purpose!

We're here to help you save your business!

A Process You Can Trust

What You Can Expect With Our NetSuite ERP Implementation Rescue Process​

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You need an ERP implementation rescue if....

DataOngoing's Proven Rescue Strategies

NetSuite provides a powerful foundation, but we prioritize making the complex as simple as possible. Its massive customization options can be daunting, but are manageable when simplified. Clear workflows with defined inputs and outputs ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

During migration, we focus on core processes like sales, order fulfillment, and collections that keeps your business operationally sound.  This is exemplified by setting aside non-essential migration patterns in favor of the income producing processes. These keep your business humming while we seamlessly integrate other functionalities. 

Migrating systems is the perfect and second best time to really ask the question, is the process correct and simple enough to be supported by software? The objective should be to take manual human inputs and turn them into automatic. When we ask that question holistically about the implementation, we will find more meaningful answers to the problem than if we just expect software to do the heavy lifting instead of looking at the business process in combination with software.

Not every issue requires a complete overhaul.  We pinpoint specific problems like reporting, scripting, or data structure mismatches. These problems are analyzed separately and an order of priority is given for a meaningful recommended pathway to success with targeted solutions.


Our team’s objective approach, allows us to diagnose problems and recommend solutions, whether it’s a simple fix or a more involved effort. There is nothing that cannot be fixed in any bad implementation as long as we can understand the inputs that are available and the expected outcomes. 

Just like a financial audit, we offer a pro-bono comprehensive “NetSuite Implementation Audit.” This in-depth analysis pinpoints areas for improvement and helps you maximize your return on investment.

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Why Our ERP Implementation Services are Trustworthy

The DataOngoing Advantage

Proven Success

Our track record of rescuing struggling NetSuite implementations speaks volumes. We'll leverage our experience to get your project back on track and deliver the value you deserve.

Separate Process and Software

This matters to ensure your NetSuite ERP system reflects process improvements and fosters long-term efficiency.


With clear and consistent communication, you'll be kept informed of every step we take, ensuring you're in control and confident in the process.

True Partnership

We become your trusted advisors, not just a vendor. We'll work collaboratively with you throughout the rescue process, understanding your unique challenges and goals.

Training and Support

Superior comprehensive training tailored to your team and ongoing support to make sure your users get the most out of NetSuite ERP, maximizing its potential.

Understand Your Business

We take the time to thoroughly understand your unique business needs and goals. This enables us to deliver a customized NetSuite ERP solution that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

How to Choose The Right ERP Implementation Rescue Partner

NetSuite offers a powerful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, but its true potential relies on a successful implementation. The right partner can streamline the process, optimize your system, and unlock significant business value. However, selecting the wrong partner can lead to a costly and frustrating experience. Here’s how to make an informed decision:


Assess Your Needs

  • Before seeking a partner, clearly define your business goals and desired functionalities for NetSuite.
  • Identify pain points you want to address and areas where you expect the most significant improvements.
  • This initial self-assessment will guide your conversations with potential partners and ensure they understand your specific requirements.

Partner Expertise

  • Look for NetSuite partners with a proven track record of successful implementations in your industry.
  • Experience with similar business challenges translates into tailored solutions that address your unique needs.
  • Verify relevant NetSuite certifications within the partner team, demonstrating their in-depth knowledge of the platform.

Methodology & Approach

  • Inquire about the partner's implementation methodology.
  • Look for a structured, collaborative approach that prioritizes clear communication and user involvement throughout the process.
  • A well-defined methodology minimizes the risk of scope creep and ensures the project stays on track.

References & Case Studies

  • Request references from past clients in your industry, allowing you to directly gauge their experience with the partner.
  • Review case studies that showcase similar successful implementations.
  • Look for measurable outcomes that demonstrate the partner's ability to deliver on promises.

Communication & Transparency

  • Throughout the selection process, evaluate the partner's communication style.
  • Do they clearly explain technical concepts? Do they actively listen to your concerns and address them promptly?
  • Open communication and information sharing are crucial for building trust and ensuring a smooth implementation.

Commitment to Training & Support

  • A successful implementation goes beyond the initial setup.
  • Choose a partner that offers comprehensive training programs to equip your users with the necessary skills to effectively use NetSuite.
  • Look for ongoing support options to ensure you receive timely assistance if needed after launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Absolutely, we can! We’ve done it countless times before and we’re sure we can help you too.

We understand that migrating to and building processes in NetSuite can be complicated. We’re here to help make it simple. We do that by taking a business principle approach to the end goal based on the inputs you are working with.  From there, we find efficiencies and processes that can be reduced to their lowest cost effort. Once  implemented, the project starts to become back on track and successful.

Directly put,  it’s more expensive to quit. Oftentimes, businesses look at NetSuite as their next big move, but sometimes they’re not able to blend business processes with software. That’s where we come in. We understand that software should supplement processes. Processes then get refined to be efficient scalable and automatic by our  solutions consultants. This comes with a cost, but we want to see your business exceed and not go out of business, the largest cost of it all. 

That’s hard to say definitively. Of course we would like to fix it instantly. When instant isn’t an option,  we work nights and weekends to commit to our promises and deliverables about helping you get into a established foundational NetSuite environment.

We know your current state of business and implementation can be frustrating.  We will need you to educate us on the end goals and objectives of the implementation. Whether that’s using NetSuite for financial reporting, inventory and warehouse management processes, custom integrations, or finally having a month end closing process for your books. We  support all these and and more and want to help you get there efficiently and effectively

The most important thing to remember is that we keep the end goal in mind, which is an efficient business powered by systems of automation. How we get there is less important than the end result. Our focus is to move past the failure and onto the success. 

Yes! We would like to be your long term technology partner for your business. We’re confident if you talk to us about the ongoing challenges, we can help you come to higher ground.

DataOngoing has saved many companies from nearly going out of business due to bad implementations. Check out our video case study for just one of them! Additionally, we have rewritten an entire purchase order system on homegrown software without pre-existing technical support, helped cultivate a company to  operate in all countries and all currencies globally in the service industry. updated logos on forms and docs in NetSuite. All within our ability to help you. This deep experience allows us to help you with any problem from start to finish.

We offer results as a means to time invested. We can succeed for you with 100% success, provided you give us a detailed account of your goals and objectives and the inputs; whether people, processes, systems, and data in the right order. We guide you through this and make it work towards your benefit.

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