Are you plagued by the question of who has access to what in NetSuite and the impact? Have you ever considered revising your roles and permissions? If you answered yes to either, you need a risk assessment performed!

DataOngoing has a scripted NetSuite Risk Assessment algorithm that identifies the risk exposure of your NetSuite environment. It’s a low cost-investment with a high return on value for you and your business’s environment.

Why is a NetSuite Risk Assessment Important?

Firstly, roles and permissions properly set up protect against potential fraud and embezzlement. Further, a company wants to guarantee the protection of customer and vendor data except for business purposes to the best of its ability. Lastly, a company doesn’t want to be caught holding the bag due to an employee’s risk factor.

How Does the Risk Assessment Work?

We look at the roles and permissions setup in your environment and provide a weighted score against the administrator role. This way, you can see where the gaps and exposures are in your business.

We also offer a supplemental guide showing you step-by-step how to revise roles and permissions in your environment. You can then rest assured your data is accessible only to those that need it, whether it be view, create, edit, or delete privileges.

This way, you can close a significant gap most NetSuite environments have!

Sample of a risk assessment graph:

Now What?

Whether or not you decide to acquire our tool, we offer an initial consultation so you can get to know us before we consult with you on your business and NetSuite.

If you said “yes” to assessing your environment’s risk and you said “yes” to updating your roles and permissions, then what do you have to lose? Click on the link below to fill out our contact us form, and we will gladly help you start this week!