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Streamline Your Business Processes with SuiteFlow

You may know that NetSuite workflows are a graphical tool designed to customize NetSuite specific to your industry and needs. This tool is called SuiteFlow, and you are not required to learn complex coding languages like JavaScript or SuiteScript to use it.

However, did you know that SuiteFlow can help you take your business processes to the next level by automating those workflows and increasing your business’s efficiency?

Workflows can be applied to various types of records and can perform multiple actions. To optimize your workflow management, we offer helpful tips and features tailored to your unique business requirements. 

Our NetSuite experts are available as an on-demand consulting resource if you require further NetSuite support for your projects. Whether you need comprehensive NetSuite services or have specific questions, our team is committed to improving your business operations. 

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What is SuiteFlow?

SuiteFlow is NetSuite’s powerful out-of-the-box workflow management tool. Its point-and-click capabilities can define, customize, and automate your business processes. SuiteFlow provides a user-friendly interface that enables NetSuite administrators and developers to create, edit, and manage workflow states, actions, conditions, and triggers.

It also allows users to automate processes such as authorization, approvals, and discounts. All of which improve communication and tracking across their organizations. 

SuiteFlow is an essential tool for businesses using NetSuite. It helps unlock the software’s full potential and maximize a business’s efficiency.

How to Set Up a Workflow

Enable the Workflow feature—

  • Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features under the SuiteCloud tab, check the SuiteFlow box, and save. 
  • Once enabled, go to Customization > Scripting > Workflows > New to access the SuiteFlow interface. 
  • Create a workflow to test.

You can also use the “Make Copy” button to duplicate and modify an existing workflow to create a new version.

When viewing a workflow record, simply click this button, and NetSuite will create a duplicate of the existing one that you can modify and release as a new version.

When using this feature, keep in mind that all custom fields must have unique script IDs. If the system detects duplicates, it will assign a number to the script IDs in the copied version. To prevent breaking both workflows, update the copy’s release status to “not running” until you have changed the ID number and the copied/new version is ready for production.

Clicking “Make Copy” makes that person the owner of the new version and duplicates all custom fields from the original workflow. Note that the “Make Copy” button is only available in view mode.

With the “Make Copy” button, you can streamline the process of creating new versions of workflows by modifying existing ones without risking changes to the original.

Workflow States

For a workflow to run in SuiteFlow, including at least one state is necessary. A state represents a particular stage or step within a business process and serves as the workflow’s foundation. Specific actions compose states, and transitions connect them to other states.

First, access an existing workflow and select the “Edit” option to create a state. Next, click the “New State” button on the context panel. This will allow you to add actions, fields, properties, and transitions to the state as needed. 

SuiteFlow Enhancements

SuiteFlow includes several enhancements that can benefit your business. These include:

  • Enhancements to Sublist Support
  • Support for Expenses Sublist on Expense Report Record
  • Client Line Action and Sublists
  • Client-Side Triggers and Sublists
  • Sublist Action Groups and Sublists

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, SuiteFlow is a powerful workflow management tool that can help you streamline your business processes and automate your flow. Whether you’re new to NetSuite or a seasoned user, SuiteFlow can benefit your business. By leveraging the capabilities of SuiteFlow and working with NetSuite experts, you can take your business operations to the next level and achieve greater success.

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