You bought NetSuite WMS to become more efficient and streamline your warehouse operations. But now, you need to figure out how to make it all work for you.

At DataOngoing, we help you integrate your systems to operate with superior efficiency.

Top Features For Optimization:

  1. MOBILE PROCESSING AND LOGISTICS: Being able to capture and process data with a mobile device (barcode scanner) improves inventory accuracy and saves time spent on item handling. WMS guides the movement of items in the most efficient way possible.
  2. FULLY TRANSPARENT INVENTORY: Upon being scanned, WMS updates all items’ transactions and inventory data in real-time across the entire organization. You can watch each item enter, go through, and exit your warehouse.
  3. TIMELY ORDER FULFILLMENT: WMS uses efficient pick paths and multi-order picking. This increases customer satisfaction due to quick order delivery and minimizing incorrect picks, inaccurate fulfillment, and data validation.
  4. MOBILE MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES: Mobile management gives the users the ability to receive, put away, pick, and pack directly from a mobile device, minimizing error and maintaining real-time visibility.
  5. BIN MANAGED INVENTORY: WMS manages inventory using bins. This robust functionality optimizes the use of warehouse space. All from a mobile device, you can create wave transactions, perform order processing, manage the inventory, define stock locations, and link them back to items and their assigned stock location.