NetSuite WMS​

Next Level ERP Warehouse Management System

NetSuite WMS: The future-proof ERP warehouse management system that makes your life easier today, profitable tomorrow.

NetSuite: The fastest growing, #1 cloud ERP that powers businesses of all sizes, from small startups to global giants.

Imagine running a bustling warehouse or a complex shipping operation. Now imagine doing it free from the headaches that often plague warehouse management. That’s the promise of Oracle’s ERP Warehouse Management System (NetSuite WMS). It’s a natural companion to the existing ERP platform. For businesses already using NetSuite, adding its WMS isn’t a luxury upgrade. It’s the logical next step toward smoother, more efficient operations with fewer errors.

This comprehensive system excels at tracking inventory and shipments. But it also seamlessly connects the intricate threads of your business. It streamlines your warehouse inventory management. It optimizes shipping processes and fosters harmonious collaboration between departments. 

NetSuite WMS is designed to customize to your warehouse’s specific needs. It unlocks cost savings and boosts productivity across the board. This makes it the best warehouse management software. It is a strategic investment that transforms your warehouse into a well-oiled machine.

Stop lost sales in their tracks with real-time inventory visibility:

Imagine never again scrambling to fulfill orders for your hottest-selling items, only to find they’re already out of stock. With NetSuite WMS, that’s a reality of the past.

Every pallet, every box, every item: Track the moment it hits your dock, zips through your warehouse, and flies out the door – all in real-time on a single, intuitive dashboard using a barcode scanner. Predict peak demand periods, identify slow-moving products, and optimize stocking levels with instant insights into every item’s movement.

Say goodbye to guesswork, hello to informed decisions:

  • Monitor stock levels and order statuses across your entire network.
  • Drill down into shipment details for laser-sharp delivery precision.
  • Make data-driven decisions to avoid overstocking and lost profits.

Ready to ditch the spreadsheets and unlock the power of real-time inventory visibility? 

Mobile Warehouse Management

Achieve the full potential of your warehouse team with mobile warehouse management capabilities that transform every aisle into a hub of productivity and precision. Receive, put away, pick, and pack. Here’s how we elevate operations to new heights:

Mobility That’s Anything but Ordinary:

  • Real-Time Agility, Unleashed: Information flows seamlessly between the warehouse floor and your WMS, enabling staff to conquer tasks, update inventory, and process orders in real-time, right at their fingertips. No more delays, no more desk-bound data entry—just instant action and immediate impact.
    • Intuitive by Design, Productive by Nature: Our user-friendly interface welcomes new users with open arms, minimizing training time and maximizing adoption. Every tap and swipe feels effortless, empowering even tech-wary staff to navigate tasks with confidence and speed.
    • Warehouse Inventory Management Software with barcode scanning: The fast track to efficiency. Eliminate manual data entry errors and supercharge asset tracking with barcode scanning superpowers. Our mobile app seamlessly integrates with scanners, transforming inventory management into a lightning-fast, error-proof experience.
    • Task Prioritization:  Your team will always know what matters most. Priority tasks are delivered directly to their mobile devices, ensuring a laser focus on the most critical activities. Productivity bottlenecks become a distant memory as workflows streamline and efficiency soars.


Supercharge Accuracy and Fulfillment: Deliver Customer Delights, Every Time

Forget missed deadlines and mix-ups! This ERP warehouse management system takes order fulfillment to the next level, ensuring immaculate accuracy and blazing-fast delivery, turning every customer interaction into a delight.

Here’s how it happens:

  • Intelligent Pick Path Optimization: this warehouse inventory management system maps the shortest, most efficient routes through your warehouse, minimizing travel time and maximizing picker productivity. Say goodbye to wasted steps and hello to lightning-fast fulfillment.
  • Multi-Order Picking Prowess: Our WMS juggles multiple orders simultaneously, grouping similar items and optimizing routes for batch picking. This translates to more orders out the door, faster, without compromising accuracy.
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility: We keep you in the loop every step of the way with live inventory updates. No more guesswork, no more surprises. Always know what’s available where, eliminating picking errors and ensuring complete shipments.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Our advanced analytics provide actionable insights into your operation. Identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and continuously improve order accuracy and fulfillment speed with data-backed precision.

The results? Customers raving, loyalty soaring, and your business thriving.


  • Don’t settle for static storage. the NetSuite warehouse inventory management takes inventory organization to the next level with a dynamic, data-driven bin management system that optimizes space, minimizes errors, and fuels operational excellence. All from a mobile device. 


    • Eliminate picking errors and boost fulfillment speed with pinpoint accuracy. Our bin-level inventory tracking pinpoints every item, every time.
    • Squeeze the most out of your warehouse footprint. Smart bin allocation algorithms maximize space utilization, ensuring your valuable real estate isn’t wasted on empty shelves.
      • Empower your staff with mobile mastery. Manage wave transactions, process orders, and control inventory – all from the palm of their hand.
      • Go beyond basic picking. Advanced features like dynamic binning, kitting support, and batch picking through wave transactions turn warehouse chaos into smooth, orchestrated symphony.
      • Gain granular control, unlock real-time insights. Trace every item movement with bin-to-bin transfer visibility and detailed audit trails.



But that’s not all. NetSuite’s bin management system seamlessly integrates with the rest of your WMS, creating a holistic ecosystem of efficiency. We want to empower you to push the boundaries of warehouse productivity!

Why businesses think NetSuite WMS is the best warehouse management software!

  • NetSuite WMS is part of the NetSuite ERP suite. This means that it is tightly integrated with other NetSuite modules, such as inventory management, order management, and accounting. This integration can help businesses to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.
  • A cloud-based ERP management warehouse system. This means that businesses can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This is a major advantage for businesses with multiple warehouses or with employees who work remotely.
  • A mobile warehouse management system.
  • NetSuite WMS is highly customizable. This means that businesses can tailor it to meet their specific needs. This is important for businesses with complex warehouse operations or with unique requirements.
  • Improved order accuracy and fulfillment: NetSuite WMS helps businesses to improve order accuracy and fulfillment by guiding workers through the picking and packing process. This helps to reduce errors and ensure that customers receive their orders on time and in full.
  • Increased warehouse efficiency: NetSuite WMS can help businesses to increase warehouse efficiency by optimizing picking and packing routes, and by automating tasks like put away and replenishment. This can help businesses to save time and money on their warehouse operations.
  • Reduced costs: NetSuite warehouse inventory management can help businesses to reduce costs by improving inventory accuracy, order accuracy, and warehouse efficiency. This can lead to lower labor costs, lower inventory costs, and lower shipping costs.
  • Scalability: It is scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. This makes it a good choice for businesses that are growing or that have complex warehouse operations.

The Key Processes Broken Down


Receive and process inventory.

  • Seamless Procure to Pay Integration
    • Connects all records in the Procure to Pay process for easy inventory receipt
    • Enables quick receiving through the original purchase order via a “Receive” button
  • Inventory Returns and Transfer Orders
    • Simplifies the process of handling returns and transfers
    • Utilizes the same “Receive” button functionality for ease of use
  • Advanced Putaway with Bin Feature
    • Supports marking the location of each received item in the warehouse
    • Facilitates efficient storage and retrieval
  • Item Categorization
    • Utilizes NetSuite’s item type records for inventory classification
    • Supports categorization by lot-numbered or serialized items


  • Inventory Transfers
    • Automatic updates to total inventory count when marking new locations
    • Simplifies internal warehouse transfers
  • Inventory Search Options
    • Allows for searching by item name, item number, and UPC
    • Provides access to a list of similar items in inventory
  • Inventory Adjustments
    • Utilizes inventory adjustment records for accurate counts
    • Enables adjustments outside of normal transactions
  • Cycle Count Plans
    • Allows for scheduled inventory counts
    • Supports creation of cycle count plans
  • Mobile Inventory Counts
    • Enables employees to perform counts using NetSuite WMS mobile option
    • Facilitates easy and quick inventory checks
  • Replenishment Alerts
    • Preconfigured reports for low inventory levels
    • Sends alerts when inventory falls below desired levels


  • Order Picking
    • Sales orders are released to the warehouse for picking
    • Warehouse managers can create “waves” of orders for efficient picking
    • Pickers access orders via mobile devices
    • Pick task records manage the picking process, specifying items and quantities
  • Order Packing
    • Supports both manual and automated packing processes
    • Allows for easy entry of carton details and pack status
    • Offers advanced packing capabilities through NetSuite’s Pack Station SuiteApp
  • Shipping Support
    • Generates shipping labels post-picking and packing
    • Integrates with NetSuite WMS Shipping Integration for seamless carrier information transfer

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