What is DataOngoing’s NetSuite Line Item Transaction Editing "NLITE" tool?

The NLITE tool is a functional application of NetSuite’s technology to allow for the line-item editing of transactions, which usually is impossible. Without our tool, if you run a saved search using the Main Line filter with search criteria set to False, you cannot edit the lines in the search without loading each record. So, we created our NLITE tool that makes this possible! You can enter a transaction saved search, have the lines printed in the tool’s results, and update the editable fields, either native or custom.

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Well look no further DataOngoing has solved this problem with a customized script in NetSuite that combines front end and backend elements so that you can edit many lines without loading each transaction.

All that is needed is a Transaction Saved Search, filtered to Main Line false, along with your other criteria to power the tool. Once complete we add the elements to the script and like magic you can edit many hundreds and thousands of lines without loading each record.

Natively, NetSuite does not support line item editing from a saved search, so our development geniuses solved this challenge and we want to deliver the solution to you.

There is some customization required for each new search that the tool uses, generally your team can get up and running in two days time, often faster.

The tool itself is provided for a flat-fee-rate, then there is a discounted portion of hours that need to be purchased to support your unique environment’s custom fields and search criteria.

After that we support the tool with our normal billable consulting structure.

We offer discounts for 2, 3, and 4 year subscriptions of the tool.

Yes this can be provided on request.

In a radical case, we saw a Transaction load time of 40 seconds in view mode. We were able to perform the Edit and Save, skipping View and scrolling time, to bring it to 15 seconds.

We have found users get a 10x return on their time, generally, if you could edit 10 transactions one time… Well the math is pretty easy!

Yes, we have 24 hour support for the tool!

We can get started today, and the tool can be ready for your use in two days time, but like we said often it is faster.

Feel free to ask them via the contact form at the bottom of the page, or schedule a call here and we will contact you the same day!