Optimizing NetSuite's Inventory County Practices with DataOngoing.

Do you want tighter control of your business’s inventory and optimize your NetSuite inventory count practices? If so, this article is for you!

Inventory management is critical for maintaining a healthy and sustainable product-based business. A trustworthy inventory cycle count system is necessary to accurately track stock levels and prevent stockouts. Stockouts can lead to lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

At DataOngoing, we can understand a business’s maturity just by looking at its continuous inventory system. Maintaining an endless inventory relies on management’s dedication and the methods used by inventory control.

How NetSuite Optimizes NetSuite Inventory

NetSuite offers various ways to manage your ever-changing supply of goods, including SmartCount and customized inventory management applications. Each helps businesses optimize their inventory management practices by tallying items on hand on a recurrent basis instead of a big annual event.

SmartCount is an out-of-the-box inventory cycle counting solution provided by NetSuite. It allows businesses to manage their number of products more efficiently by creating schedules, recording supply counts, and reconciling differences on automation. All of this can be done live without freezing transactions. SmartCount can help businesses streamline their tallying processes and reduce the time and effort required. It can also provide a snapshot of inventory levels in real-time allowing for comparative information to what it is like in the warehouse or retail store on real-time. Accurate item counting can lower overhead costs by reducing the required safety stock.

While SmartCount can be an effective solution for many businesses, it may not meet every company’s specific inventory counting requirements or structure. Additionally, the types of NetSuite tools and resources a business has will also play a role in how to keep track of your inventory practices.

In such cases, customized applications for counting goods may be more appropriate. But the best choice depends on the individual business’s needs. At DataOngoing, we provide the most valuable resources and help implement the best structures for your business needs.

How NetSuite SuiteLets Optimize Inventory Count

Optimizing your inventory count through NetSuite is a strategic way to build the best structure for your business.

Through customized SuiteLets, DataOngoing can personalize the record scope to allow your businesses to have the desired inventory management practice. We tailor these apps to your business, including inventory classification, cycle counting frequency, and more. They allow for the automation of product counts, ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors. Applications also provide a flexible and intuitive user interface that allows for easy management, enabling the client to keep track of your supply of goods more frequently and with greater accuracy.

Additionally, with SuiteLets, we can speed up the scanning process with latent validation, increasing the overall customer experience.

The number of customizations we provide is particular to each client given the need. We can also customize how you track your products by looking up items by their UPC or serial number. Doing so benefits clients who don’t have their specific items categorized. NetSuite offers another option to count and validate the number of items providing double-checks to prevent missed items.

Sounds great, right?!

DataOngoing Saves Time and Money

At DataOngoing, we take the capabilities of NetSuite and build customized SuiteLets to make the structure of your inventory count unique to your needs. The different strategies we implement and optimize will help save you time and money. DataOngoing simplifies the whole process, allowing your company to have a trustworthy inventory management system in the following ways with customized Suitelets:

  1. Automate your counting processes thus reducing time and errors. And errors cost money.
  2. Real-time inventory data equals greater data accuracy.
  3. Mobile-friendly apps reduce required time and errors in counting.
  4. Customizable interfaces reduce the need to search for information across multiple systems.
  5. Faster access to inventory reports means quicker decision making abilities in real-time.

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