Helping a Small Town Restaurant

We recently undertook a project for a small mom-and-pop restaurant in Nebraska. Their Data had showed that by changing the hours of business and cutting a couple items from the menu they could save 12.5% on their overhead costs, save 10% on their cost of goods sold (COGS) and increase revenue by another 10%. That’s a 33% increased value in their business.

Further, we have developed a simple online-order system for their business so that they can weather the COVID-19 storm, and any future upsets to their business model by switching from a dine-in model to a delivery and carryout, just like any big pizza chain or diner.

How much did it cost them to achieve such amazing results? Wouldn’t the work you did eat all of that value?

No! Actually, it was free, our model works such that we only win when you win. The online order system was provided for free with a small percentage paid to DataOngoing when an order was placed. Then there was a 10% commission paid out for a year’s time frame for the 33% increased value in their business. The math works out as such 10% of 33% = 3.3%. Once the deal expires they will keep 100%, unless they use our services again; and why wouldn’t they?

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