DataOngoing What does a netsuite consultant do and why your business needs one

This article shares everything you need to know about a NetSuite consultant and their importance. And then, more specifically, we cover a DataOngoing NetSuite consultant.

If you already have an ERP and are bogged down in the complexities, need help maximizing your ROI, or are interested in implementing one, this blog is for you.

Implementing an ERP is one of the smartest and most strategic steps you can take for your company. Although this might be a significant upfront investment, it will pay off in your company’s short- and long-term success.

A Little on NetSuite First 

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP for small to medium businesses specializing in CRM, eCommerce, and inventory management. NetSuite allows you to manage financial and operational processes. The automation takes out the manual part of data entry and other errors that might be unseen. The customization allows you to tailor NetSuite to your precise business processes.

Because it is cloud-based, there is a centralized pivot point for data to keep your business and its goals aligned.

What Does a DataOngoing NetSuite Consultant Do?

Firstly, a NetSuite consultant at DataOngoing will analyze what’s unique to your business and deeply dive into your specific challenges. We carefully look at requirements to optimize your workflows and business processes.

We also walk you through the software options and even let you in on some secrets few know.

Our expert consultants are in business, accounting, technology, and NetSuite, so their responsibilities and roles will add value to you and your business.

Then, based on our discovery of your business, you can rest assured that we will have everything in place for a successful NetSuite implementation. If you already have implemented NetSuite, a consultant will be able to optimize your software by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s platform.

However, THE most important benefit of using a Netsuite Consultant at DataOngoing is the training and support we provide. We pass on our extensive knowledge to use the tools fully and take advantage of all NetSuite offers.

Why Having a NetSuite Consultant Is Beneficial

Hiring a NetSuite consultant will allow you and your team to learn the lesser-known and more complex areas of NetSuite. Our expert consultants will shorten the learning curve for you.

The value a good one can bring will save you time and money with their expertise and specialized knowledge not found elsewhere. A consultant can help you with all the necessary details and provide expert answers to your NetSuite questions.

Why Choose DataOngoing as Your NetSuite Consultant?

At DataOngoing, giving you the best tools and advice is key to fully optimizing NetSuite for your business so that the software works for you. The most important part of our job is doing things you might not even know you needed, like automation and recommended enhancements. A consultant at DataOngoing will first listen intently to understand your goals and help you optimize the use of Netsuite through customizations, scripts, and native functions.

Our consultants have various backgrounds and expertise across multiple industries, allowing them to help you in all parts of the software and your industry-specific business.

Choosing DataOngoing is an easy way to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to succeed. Plus, we prioritize adequate testing to ensure a smooth release from your sandbox to your production environment.

Partner with DataOngoing today, for all your NetSuite and technology needs, especially as your NetSuite teammate! Just fill out the Contact Us form below, and an expert will promptly contact you! If you prefer to call us, we can be reached at: 844-991-3648.