Are You Our Client?

Choosing the right strategic partner is a critical component to turn your business into a seamless, efficient operating machine. At DataOngoing, we specialize in being that partner—dedicated to navigating complex challenges and providing tailor-made solutions that drive business growth.

A little bit about your business.

  • Established in NetSuite, looking to make enhancements to the software and tie more activities to the general ledger to understand costs/revenue in a more specific way
  • Your business runs on modern technology to automate the laborious processes that computers should do for instead
  • Financially established and looking for growth opportunities OR
  • Committed to investing in innovative solutions to drive business growth
  • Demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to business success
  • Thriving  with a substantial market presence
  • Committed to employee engagement and professional development
  • Well-structured and organized with a strong team culture
  • Organizationally, the different groups understand the value of automating tasks that should inherently be automated in order to optimize operations
  • You understand and appreciate the value outsourcing to experts brings when freeing up human resources to focus on business growth
  • You want to partner with another business that offers an immediacy of service with top-tier follow through
  • You appreciate a fast responsiveness to changing needs

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Your business is grappling with outdated software that can’t keep up with your company’s growth.
  • You’re seeking a unified dashboard to manage your operations, instead of juggling multiple systems.
  •  You’re looking to enhance efficiency by automating processes currently handled manually.
  • Manual mistakes are costing your business and backtracking profits. 
  • You’re encountering data inconsistencies across different business functions, and you need a single source of truth.
  • You require custom reporting and analytics to support data-driven decision-making but lack the in-house expertise to implement them.
  • Your current system is unable to provide real-time visibility into your inventory and supply chain, leading to operational bottlenecks.

What If It Went Like This Instead?

  • From Overwhelmed to Overarching Control: Seamlessly scale your operations with robust software that grows with your business.
  • From Fragmented to Unified Vision: Gain a comprehensive view of your entire business operations with a single, integrated dashboard.
  • From Manual to Automatic Excellence: Transform time-consuming manual tasks into efficient automated processes, freeing up your team for higher-value work.
  • From Confusion to Clarity: Establish a consistent, accurate flow of information with a centralized data system, eliminating disparities across departments.
  • From Guesswork to Insight: Leverage tailored reporting and actionable analytics that enable informed strategic decisions without the need for in-depth technical know-how.
  • From Delays to Real-Time Dynamics: Achieve instant insights into your inventory levels and supply chain activities, ensuring smooth and responsive operations.

DataOngoing is more than just a consultancy, we are a true technology partner.

  • We care about your business. 
  • We care that you succeed, and we do what it takes to ensure it happens.
  • We will meet and exceed your expectations. 

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