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Your NetSuite Integration Guide for 2023

To kick off your guide to NetSuite Integrations, we first would like to briefly overview NetSuite itself. NetSuite is a part of the Oracle enterprise software. It has become the fastest-growing cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution providing a SaaS-based business management suite that is easy to use, efficient, and flexible.

NetSuite’s cloud-based business allows customers to access multiple products and services, from financials to inventory management to customer relationship management.

Integration with NetSuite supports real-time visibility into a company’s accounting, financial, customer, and inventory management data and operations via a single access point. Its total business management system allows your organization to respond quickly and efficiently to opportunities and threats across your entire business because it integrates with existing systems. This allows the entire IT organization to collaborate through one business process to serve customers better and improve employee productivity.

Our NetSuite integration guide is designed to help you build a foundational understanding.

Integrations Defined

An integration is the act of connecting NetSuite with other databases, systems, software, and endpoints. Integrating NetSuite with your business processes allows the data to flow perfectly between NetSuite and your applications.

They happen seamlessly, allowing a simple and easy process. New data entered into NetSuite is automatically available to the systems dependent on this data. NetSuite does it independently, eliminating manual effort.

Once integrated with NetSuite, data transfer can happen either one way(only from NetSuite to other systems) or two-way(either direction). The whole process is more straightforward and less time-consuming.

NetSuite Integration ultimately focuses on two main points – saving you time and money.

Top Benefits Integrating with NetSuite

Overall, integrating with NetSuite can help your software and system work better together, but the detailed benefits include the following:

  • Makes automation easier– Sharing data between NetSuite and other applications makes automating business processes more accessible and faster.
  • Superior Accuracy – It takes the manual process out and allows NetSuite integration to transfer data automatically. Which also eliminates the number of errors and saves money.
  • Improved Communication – You can connect with businesses and customers easier. Communication through integrating NetSuite can also get you information faster.
  • Increased Efficiencies– You can see how the process looks from beginning to end. 
  • Your choices are smarter– All your data is in one place, allowing you to make better, well-informed, real-time decisions.

The Process

NetSuite integration begins with the simple step of creating a NetSuite account ID. Once completed, NetSuite Integration can begin. 

NetSuite Integration might require using one or both NetSuite technologies:

  • SuiteTalk Web Services is a web service integration tool that joins NetSuite with third-party applications and systems. SuiteTalk can do coding in any programming language. There is real-time integration, built-in help, and advanced security. 
  • SuiteScript is a NetSuite platform built on JavaScript, which allows users to modify and automate their business processes. This enables users to personalize their business and needs. 

SuiteScript and SuiteTalk work hand in hand, allowing SuiteScript to tell SuiteTalk when to ask for data and the process when the data gets to NetSuite. 

The Challenges

NetSuite Integration can present some challenges, but your processes are improved and efficient once you get through this part. 

Some of the main challenges with integrating NetSuite include: 

  • Building everything from scratch. When doing this, you must have a good understanding of APIs (both SOAP and REST), SuiteScript, and XML. However, finding people to help you is always an option. With a custom NetSuite Integration, it will be beneficial later if you can accept the costs of regular software maintenance.
  • Finding a connector. A connector is a software tool that integrates NetSuite with another system. However, you can find connectors by working with NetSuite partners like ourselves or locating them on the NetSuite marketplace. 

We hope you enjoyed this NetSuite Integrations guide!

DataOngoing uses Netsuite integrations to its advantage to help businesses overcome challenges. Integrating NetSuite will afford you the tools to succeed short and long term. With quick and easy automation, your business will flow better than ever. And with long-term effects like saving money and time, you will be able to focus your time on what matters to your business. Let us help you and simplify the way you do business!

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